Cost Effective Method of Manufacturing Plastic Pallets Moulds

Plastic pallets are widely used by most of the manufacturing units for storing and transporting their products. These pallets replaced the wooden ones and are very popular all over the world because when the products are kept in them then the load is evenly distributed and there are less chances of damage. Moreover, it becomes convenient to transfer the goods when they are placed in these pallets.  There are different varieties of plastic pallets which are the stackable pallets, drum pallets, solid deck pallets etc.

Making of plastic pallets

The manufacture of such pallets is done with the help of plastic palette mould. There are different types of mould for making this pallet such as the High pressure injection mould, Structural foam mould, rotating mould etc. Depending of the material and the type of mould used the quality and the shape of the palette may vary.

Mould specifications

Due to the increasing popularity of plastic pallets the demand for the mould which is required for the manufacture of such pallet is also soaring. Generally these moulds have single cavity and can produce pallets for home use as well as industrial mould. The most common machine that is used in this mould is the 200T Dakumar machine and it has a life of at least 1000k. It runs on 16 points ANOLE hot runner gate and the ejection system comprises of ejection block and ejection pin. The mould structure is quite complex but they general have inbuilt cooling system which cools down the machine after each use.  The material used to manufacture such moulds by HQMould makes them resistant to abrasion thus prolonging their life.

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